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Week I Pt I: Template Choice

If the eyes don't like it, the mind won't see it.

From my limited experience designing and digesting online content, one lesson has stood out above all others. The first thing the consumer is tempted to do is to click away. It is the content creator's duty to not only distract the user from distraction, but also to completely immerse them in an ocean of irresistible words. In an era where we now understand the scientific addiction to the dopamine high of consuming one page after the next, it is harder than ever to keep the youthful audience's attention before – ooh, I should go turn my diffuser on. 
Fortunately, we have more tools than just text to keep our reader mesmerized by the seduction of our every scrumptious word.

The most luxurious piece of writing will be stampeded by the unapologetic shoes of every passerby if it is printed on white paper and loosely posted to any streetlight. Meanwhile, the most obscure, undeserving scam of a painting, if framed in the Louv…

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